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Keto granola

One thing I used as a snack and a meal was granola, wether I made it myself or bought it, it was overwhelming full of carbohydrates. As I was scrolling through Amazon, as I tend to do, looking for my next great find, I spied up this granola.

One carb wonder, what’s not to love?!

Aptly called the granola keto friendly bakery, chock-full of almonds, pecans, coconut chips, seeds, chicory root fiber (sounds delicious doesn’t it?), which will clean out your pipes (yeah those pipes) and help you not experience stoppage anymore. We have a family member for whom this is a perfect for.

This is 1/3 cup, which is a serving.

One third cup or 30 grams for our metric people, may not seem a lot, but when you are chewing this delicious nutty, fatty mixture or eating it as a cereal with some almond milk, it’s a real meal. I’m hooked!

You can buy this product here at Amazon. Disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate and will earn money for any purchase you make from using this link. Thank you for your support.
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