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Waffled cheese and ham sandwich

Our daughter Brianna loves waffles. Being on the keto diet has made it hard to eat waffles, until now. Bridgette our other daughter gave her sister a cookbook, for Christmas.

In the book is a recipe for cream cheese and coconut flour pancakes or waffles. The pancakes are delicious and filling. Each pancake is 4″ around and a serving size is three. After one I was full, really full. I found I could eat one, then have another one for a snack in a few hours. I have yet to eat three. Top them with butter and sugar free maple syrup and you’ve got a reason to have your Sunday waffles or pancakes again.

Pancakes were great, but waffles are these amazing squares with little pockets just perfect for butter and maple syrup to mingle, like at a club, but without the music, crowds and crazy light show

We found this great book and though it’s not keto you can use substitutions in place of some ingredients, such as wheat flour use almond or coconut flour, corn oil use coconut or olive oil.

We used this book to make the sandwich from the front of the book. We made waffles ahead of time, set them aside and at lunch we buttered the outsides of the waffles and stuffed them full of ham and cheese. By buttering the waffles and using our waffle maker it crisped up the waffles, cooked the ham and melted the cheese. ❤️ Bon appetit! Let us know if you made this recipe, drop us a line here on keto proof or on our Facebook page by the same name.

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