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How to eat keto and not go broke! Seriously!

#1 Check your pantry and food stores you probably have more keto friendly food than you realize! When I first started the keto diet I had to give away almost all of our food, especially the pantry since I was into prepared boxed meals, but if you make most of your meals by scratch you are way ahead. Keep your meats, canned, fresh or frozen, keep your fresh, canned or frozen vegetables. And right there with these two categories of foods you have 3/4 of your meals. 

#2 Most of your meals should be simple meals, a meat, vegetable and some type of fat. Examples of meals for any time of the day (who said vegetables are for lunch and dinner only?), Chicken thigh pan roasted or oven baked with a pat of butter, one cup of vegetables with a pat of butter, pork chop with savory herbs and a pat of butter, one cup of classic keto coleslaw, salmon fillet with a pat of butter and lemon pepper,  five brussel sprouts with a pat of butter. These simple yet filling meals are the backbone of the keto diet. We personally limit ourselves to one recipe a week, recipes are high in carbs and protein, these should be scheduled into your menu on days with light lunches. 

#3 Create a menu and stick with it. This here will make or break your WOE. I first pick my two recipes, as I shop for two weeks at a time. I write down the ingredients for the two recipes, such as the classic keto coleslaw, it takes a bag of prepared coleslaw mix 14 ounces, one cup of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, one teaspoon prepared yellow mustard, one teaspoon garlic salt and one teaspoon pepper. I already have the garlic salt, pepper, mustard and mayonnaise in my fridge and pantry, I just need to buy heavy cream and the coleslaw mix. At one cup this gives us enough for a dinner for three and two lunches for two people. At just $2.31 for the cost of this recipe that’s only .33¢ a serving! This is just one recipe and example, there are so many out there.

#4 Things to always have on hand. 1. A good oil such as olive, coconut or avocado oil, this is a wonderful way to add the healthy fat you need to keep up your energy so you’ll stay away from carbs. 2. Vinegars, balsamic, rice wine, apple cider are great for adding flavor to good without extra carbs, balsamic chicken is as simple as a 1/4 cup oil and vinegar in a slow cooker, mix once during the six hours cooking time, serve with vegetables and butter and you’ve got a meal that only costs for the meat. Try this with sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and chicken for a far East meal. Sesame oil is vastly more expensive than olive oil with a much stronger taste so it’s one of those special buys. I’ve found a five gallon can at my local Asian market and it lasted for years, so keep this oil in a dark cool area as it can go rancid in the heat. 3. Bone broth, this is such a versatile product, used as a soup base or by itself it’s delicious and will have a healthy amount of filling fat. You can make your own bone broth in your slow cooker. After I’ve cut up the whole chickens I put the chicken backs, wing tips, any extra skin into my slow cooker, along with carrots, celery and a onion, all chopped up,  add enough water to cover everything. I don’t add garlic or other herbs because some recipes call for plain broth, you can add the herbs and spices later. A recipe we really like is a piece of baked chicken dipped in the bone broth, think of it as chicken French dip without the bread. I’ve tried using beef with caramelized onions, bell peppers and Swiss cheese, it’s a great alternative for a Philly cheese steak, it’s extra delicious dipped in the bone broth. 4Spices and herbs, these can take a full meal and literally add some spice to your life. Garlic goes a long way, added to onions and green peppers this makes that Philly cheese steak dip from delicious to amazing! Lemon pepper goes well with meats, fish and vegetables, it’s truly a multipurpose flavoring. Let your imaginaction run wild, keto doesn’t have to be boring. 

Now make your list and stick to it. I use a delivery service so I don’t even enter the store, I know I’ll break down and buy things that are not good for me, so I avoid the temptations.  Please consider leaving me a comment on how you save money eating keto. 

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